Ascent of Dragons

Strange Bedfellows

The situation developed quickly. Within days the former enemies have become allies, and a new rebellion is born.

First we outwitted the Boltons and Manderlys to get a seat at the negotiating table along side Ned Stark. Then we witnessed first hand the lords of the north allying with those of the south to support Rheagar against his father the king. The army marches on King’s Landing.

We get to detour, however, as it looks like our ships will go south to Dorne to seek Lyanna Stark, who is apparently in safekeeping, and bring her to Ned.

If we succeed it will be a great service to the Starks, and will no doubt make us into a major house.

As a side note, based on some good advice I recieved we are seeking marriage alliance with the Manderlys in order to help cement our power in the region. I especially seek control of Ramsgate.



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